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European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance
News article11 December 2018European Medicines Agency1 min read

ENCePP activities during EMA’s third phase of Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Brexit preparedness business continuity plan (BCP) entered into its third phase on 1 October 2018. The BCP allows safeguarding core activities related to the evaluation and supervision of medicines while the Agency prepares for the consequences of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, both in terms of the impact on the Agency’s operations as well as its physical move to Amsterdam in March 2019. Measures of the third BCP phase include a temporary suspension of the activities of non-product related working parties and the development and revision of guidelines until 30 June 2019.

In April 2019, once the Agency has completed its move to its temporary building in Amsterdam, these measures will be further reviewed. This decision has a temporary impact on ENCePP related activities requiring EMA organisational and meeting supportsuch as the ENCePP plenary meeting scheduled for November 2018, which has been cancelled. This also affects meetings and teleconferences of the ENCePP Steering Group, Working Groups and Special Interest Groups. ENCePP activities undertaken by partners and not requiring EMA organisational and meeting support continue as before.

In view of these developments the ENCePP Steering Group has agreed an action plan for all ongoing and outstanding activities of the current ENCePP work plan which will allow a smooth continuation once EMA resumes its organisational support to ENCePP activities after BCP.


The ENCePP Secretariat will continue to update ENCePP partners about any BCP related changes over the coming months.


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Publication date
11 December 2018
European Medicines Agency