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European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance
News article25 February 2021European Medicines Agency1 min read

Background rates of AESIs for COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring published

A series of Excel files with background incidence rates for 26 adverse events of special interests (AESIs) for COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring have now been published on the ENCePP website. These background rate data are part of the work done by the EMA-funded ACCESS (vACcine Covid-19 monitoring ReadinESS) project led by the University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University.

They have been generated  from 7 data sources in 5 countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany). Data from the Netherlands and France and additional data from Spain should be available in March.


ACCESS had already published in the EU PAS Register protocol templates for assessment of the effectiveness, safety and coverage of COVID-19 vaccines, with three entries:


Publication date
25 February 2021
European Medicines Agency