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European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance
News article16 March 2018European Medicines Agency

ENCePP Code of Conduct - Revision 4

Since 2010, the ENCePP Code of Conduct provides a set of principles and recommendations to promote scientific independence and transparency of observational research, especially where they may be threatened by the influence of study funders. On 15 March 2018 the ENCePP Steering Group adopted the 4th revision of the ENCePP Code of Conduct.

This major revision aims to clarify and support the practical implementation of the Code’s key principles of scientific independence and transparency. It acknowledges personal interests of researchers but distinguishes commercial, financial and institutional interests in a revised definition of conflicts of interests.

The Code also provides for research conducted with authorised medicines in the context of post-approval regulatory requirements for marketing authorisation holders. In addition, all processes for implementing the ENCePP Seal concept have been removed and summarised on the ENCePP Study Seal pages on the ENCePP website.


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Publication date
16 March 2018
European Medicines Agency